Land Lines for the Field Days

Land Lines for the Field Days.

The event site has land line infrastructure distributed throughout most of the site. The exception being The Founders Pavilion where there are no phone lines and some parts of the livestock area.

If you need a land line for your EFTPOS or other purpose you will need to contact TELSTRA to organise this.

The form you need to complete with all the details is listed below and can be downloaded.

AREC has no control over the connection of land lines, however to assit exhibitors we organise for a private technician to be on-site on the set up day to assit with any works (long cable runs) that Telstra can't undertake. A fee would apply for any work that the contractor undertakes and that is negotiated directly with the contractor.

Please note: Telstra do not check with us or advise us of any pending connections (they state privacy reasons). Telstra will also accept your booking even if there is no land line infrastructure near your site. So please check with us as the the availablility of landlines before contacting Telstra.

Application form download

Should you need any clarification about phones or if there is phone infrastructure near you site please call the office on (02) 6372 3899.