Festival of Yesteryear


cover_sml‘The Festival of Yesteryear is a celebration of way things were done, with the things that we had back then.’

The festival is not just a machinery rally although there will be plenty of machinery; our aim is for exhibitors to create a snapshot of all the aspects of their area of interest in their display. This can extend to dressing in clothes appropriate to the time, having the machinery doing the job it was intended to do, and surrounding the exhibit with complimentary items.

The result being an exhibit that is a more complete snapshot and visual interpretation of the item, how it worked, who used it and in what environment.There is a competitive incentive of exhibitors with prizes for the best exhibits

The Festival will be held in Mudgee NSW, at the Australian Rural Education Centre, the home of the Mudgee Small Farm Field Days. The site is secure, has great facilities including indoor exhibition space, and camping facilities.

For more information see www.cvamc.com.au

The Festival of Yesteryear is on again on the October Long Weekend, 7th & 8th October, 2014